Filmmaker’s Biography

Cami J. Kidder Bio

Cami J. Kidder is originally from Montpelier Vermont. She moved to Los Angeles in 2002 to pursue her dream of acting on the world stage. After taking a workshop in The Artist Way, she decided to start making her own films instead of waiting for someone else ‘to let’ her work. Her first documentary, STORE is about people, storage units and our relationship to our stuff, and had a successful festival run winning several “Best Documentary” awards.

She started shooting THROW LIKE A GIRL, a feature-length documentary about the ongoing struggle facing girls and women as they strive for acceptance in baseball. It features an extended timeline similar to “Hoop Dreams” as it follows three girls from age 12 to college as they pursue their dreams. This film is in post-production, seeking finishing funds and currently has a work-in-progress screening scheduled for May 9 in Washington, DC.

BOTTOM OF THE 9TH, a short personal documentary about her father who struggled with an undiagnosed learning disability for over 40 years was her thesis. Cami earned her MFA in Film in 2016 from Vermont College of Fine Arts.

A former ski racer and coach, she also works as a freelance cinematographer and editor. Cami intends to keep building a career telling stories though the documentary format that can spur social change. She believes that documentary films are the closest most of us can come to ‘walking a mile in another’s shoes” and are unique in their ability to changes hearts and minds.